Executives Learn from Navy SEALs – Game Changing Skill 6: “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday”

Do you practice hard work? Does your corporate culture FAST Team 8 learning the Tip of the Spear, Speed-Surprise-Impact of Actionsupport planning to work hard? How can you increase the level of unconscious competence for yourself and your team?

Practice working hard at hard work

Have you ever heard of anyone planning to work hard?  In today’s business environment, you hear a lot more about work/life balance and making sure to take the time to smell the roses than you do about planning to work hard at hard work.  The fact is, planning to work hard is what separates great teams from mediocre effort and eliminates those who don’t have the desire or the skill to be a Game Changer.

Game Changers understand that working hard at hard work makes the execution effort endurable and sustainable.  This is not necessarily targeted at physical work, although durability and endurance for executives most certainly is part of the hard work principle.  Just as important however, is the ability to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually endure those periods of time when things don’t go as planned or practiced, or when we might be less than 100% in our physical ability or intellectual prowess.  The ability to ask yourself for a greater effort than what might be your norm, and having the will to respond to that call, can only be attained by practicing your way to that end.

Take a moment to think about it.  Based on what you do, rather than what the organization does, what constitutes working hard at hard work for you?  It might be a task that’s tedious but necessary, something that requires additional education or experience, or a heavy travel schedule.  Jot down your thoughts as either an explanation or a list of hard work tasks.  There’s no right or wrong, and it’s possible that each participant’s answers will be completely different.  The important lesson here is to acknowledge what constitutes hard work for you and your team.

In this climaxing experiential exercise in our program is the accumulation and culmination of the hard skills learned and practiced in Skills 1 – 5.  This exercise will allow the participants the opportunity to demonstrate the following skills:

  •  Mission Review/Acceptance/Commitment
  • Recon/Intelligence/Search/Dominate/Control
  • Communication/Strategic Planning/Decision Making/Contingency Planning/Agreement5
  • Relevant Training and Practice/Task assignment/Slow is smooth and smooth is fast
  • Utilization of Speed-Surprise-Violence of Action
  • Operating in complete chaos and a constantly changing environment while practicing combat buddy: two into danger, no one left behind, direct communication.

-Ed Jenks, Author of CEO Point Blank and Sr Strategist for The Jenks Group, Inc.

http://www.sosttraining.com                       “Everything Counts”

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