Executives Learn from Navy SEALs – Game Changing Skill 2: Relevant Training


On the world stage today, the US Military machine is unequaled in capability, both tactical and strategic, to deploy, engage and control for one very basic reason. Relevant Training.  Our SEAL Instructors are engaged their entire careers in training for any and all contingencies they may encounter along the way to mission.  Lifelong learning is a way of life for these operators and even in retirement, they continue to hone their skills and stay fresh and contemporary.

Are you and your people unconsciously competent in your work? What does relevant training mean within your organization? What opportunity does your team need to be ready for?

Training must be relevant to the time, job, corporate goals, and culture

  • If you want to be successful, you have to practice practice practice
  • If you are “unconsciously competent” at everything you do, your not learning anything new
  • Failure makes “game changers” hungry and aggressive


Questions you should ask yourself….

Why is it important for a C-Suite Executive to be involved in, supportive of, and engaged in, employee training programs?

What training have you completed in the last twelve months?  In retrospect, was it relevant by the standards you have learned today? Would you say that training is part of your ongoing and sustainable organizational culture?

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