How come Dogs are never late for dinner?


Commitment is a phenomena of language. Without language there is no such thing as a commitment. We humans commit to doing things all the time, from small things to large things, always inside of language.

We are in some ways a commitment-making machine; yet the other part of being human is to forget the commitments that we make. We prioritize commitments. Commitments that we will keep versus the commitments that are not important and then justify it.

Ever wonder why you are a few minutes early for an important client meeting, and always late by a few to meet your girlfriend for 5 years?

“Honey please pick up the dry-cleaning” – you reply “sure.” And just when you were about to leave the office, a very strong candidate walks in, and John asks you if you can spend some time with him – you reply “sure.” Now it’s too late to pick up the dry-cleaning.

Is one commitment more important than the other? Did you re-negotiate your earlier commitment? Or did you just forget, and make a quick justification.

Dogs don’t have language. They don’t have to commit to dinner at 6pm there is no question that they will show up. – Ritu Raj