Treat your departing employee better than others…

departing employee

This looks funny for some people. But the reality is some organizations treat the departing employees as ‘dead stock having shorter shelf life’. The common thought is that ‘he/she is leaving X days from now, why should we support him?’. Always the experience on the ‘last days’ with the organization will last longer than normal working days.

 From my management experience I feel we should give good respect and one should be more professionally generous to the employees who are leaving the organization. Why?

1. Employees are the messengers to the world, if they feel good about the organization, they will support the organization in whatever possible way. May be you are recruiting some new heads, now a days social platforms like LinkedIn are there to make good referrals. If your ex-employee is not having a good feeling about your organization because of his ‘last days’ experience, he may not give a good referral; in turn you may lose a good candidate.

2. Your ex-employee may become your principal or may become your senior when you move to the other organization. If you creates an ill feeling when he was leaving the organization, obviously both many not enjoy working together for another organization; both may lose a good chance to work together.

3. After certain period the organization may feel to get the ex-employee back into the organization for whatever reason, the ‘ill feeling’ will not allow both the parties to work together.

Moreover the world is very small…. Why should we keep hard feelings on a colleague who is leaving the organization, we will definitely meet your peers anywhere in the world, may be some of your best future opportunity or employment referrals are lying with your ex-colleague. -Sam Issac

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